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World O'pen Cup in Ascona.  Let's go !

World O'pen Cup in Ascona. Let's go !

With no less than 140 riders from 10 countries on the starting blocks, this 4th World O'pen Cup is the biggest held to date. The competitors were welcomed at the top class facilities at the Ascona Yacht Club "as good as Club Med !" according to many of them as they settled in to their magnificent accommodation : perfect holiday bungalows on perfect lawns against a mountain backdrop...dreamworld ! The perfect location for a great competition !


The first day's racing saw the racers faced with the usual conditions here at Lake Majeur. Under bright sunshine, the wind was totally absent from procedings up to midday. Afterwards, the wind built slowly until there was a reasonable 9 -12 knots blowing from 1 'til 5 in the afternoon, before falling away completely at the end of the afternoon. The four hours where racing was possible allowed three rounds of racing to be run on a variety of original course layouts, including an excellent banana course with a 360 slalom finish in front of the judges boat. The racers loved it and wanted more ! As for the wind, you'd have to say that it was somewhat less than steady ! There were a number of abandonments, stops and starts in the dead spots on the racing zone. Conditions that were "difficult" enough to make it a great day for good tacticians...


In the Under 15 section, 3 racers managed to impose themsleves by the end of the day : Matteo Tulli (ITA) finishing the day at the top of the standings, ahead of 2010 Champion Brice Yrieix (FRA) and Lorenzo Rossi (ITA).


In the Under 12 section Florin van Roomen (SUI), 2010 Champion Geronimo Nores, and Ludovico Parisi (ITA) mastered the tricky conditions best to lead their field.

In the Open Section, Hugo Stubler (FRA)was first, followed by Rafael Silva (BRA) and Vianney Bergot (FRA).

But nothing is in the least certain, almost every race finishing with 20 or so racers crossing the line almost together, making the points difference betwen them almost non-existant.


And as the day's action finished at around 6.00pm it was time to refuel ready for the next day's action at the superb pasta party on the lake-shore !


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